SkinPRO - How to implement our take back scheme into your clinic - OCT 2023

Get ready to be a truly sustainable clinic
We’ve closed the loop

We’re the first skincare company to be an approved Future Post Recycling Advocate (RAd):
We’re incredibly proud to have been approved by Future Post Recycling Advocate (RAd) Partner due to the innovative mechanisms of the airless pump bottles being 100% recyclable plastic and our BioPE plastic tubes. Designed by Kiwi farmer Jerome Wenzlick, Future Post recycles plastic waste to manufacture fencing posts, producing a stronger, more durable product and making excellent use of recycled plastic.

How will this be implemented into your clinic?

STEP 1: Ask your clients to bring their empty Juvenate packaging back to clinic.

STEP 2: Make sure all the heads from the UpLift have been removed (these are the only components not accepted). Then send all your empty packaging to Juvenate HQ. We are moving to recycled sachels. If you reserve these sachels you can reuse them to send your empty bottles and tubes to us at:
45 Arahiwi Grove, Tirohanga, Lower Hutt  5010

STEP 3: We make sure all packaging is empty and ready to send off in bulk to Future Post to work their magic as illustrated in the diagram below.

Let’s get on board! Not only is this an easy way to do your bit for the environment,
it’s also a great marketing tool to show your clients that you are a truly sustainable clinic.
We also have a A4 poster for our clinics to print out to help spread the word to your clients. Please CLICK HERE to go straight to the poster in our Clinic Marketing folder.

If you are looking for social media posts to get started, CLICK HERE to go straight to the Future Post x Juvenate social media folder in the Clinic Marketing folder.

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