SkinPro - The Juvenate Difference - Actiporine 8G - January 2024

Resculpt Cosmedical Body Treatment

Cellulite is a condition that is said to affect up to 90% of women. Traditional remedies involve increasing metabolism to help instigate lipolysis ( lipo- fat, lysis breakdown).

But as a regenerative therapist, you can look further to cells and systems mechanisms involved and deliver superior results.  Targeting fat reduction but also supporting the health and synthesis of structural proteins in the skin such as Collagen and Elastin.

In ReSculpt body, we have amongst other ingredients Actiporine 8G™.

Clinically proven to address metabolism and systems of skins in a unique way. Utilising your cell’s own natural detox channels (known as aquaporins), to detox and support mitochondrial activity naturally, in both adipocytes and fibroblasts.

Mitochondrial DNA,  is continually subjected to damage  from reactive oxygen species, especially H₂O₂  (Hydrogen Peroxide) which can cause dysfunction and cellular damage if allowed to accumulate. However H₂O₂ is an important messenger for many metabolic reactions, so we need to remove excess H₂O₂  without completely eliminating it. Bringing balance (or mitochondrial homeostasis), to the fibroblasts and adipocytes, and assisting healthy function.

By targeting mitochondrial Aquaporin 8  (AQP8), responsible for transporting H₂O₂, we free cellular mitochondria of this toxic substance, cells regain and maintain their physical and functional integrity and restart the original cellular activity of:

  1. A) Adipocytes: Lipolysis (breakdown of fats)
  2. B) Fibroblasts: Protein synthesis (process of making proteins in cells i.e. Collagen).

REDUCE and PREVENT CELLULITE with Actiporine 8G:

  • Helps control fat storage and fat deposits - stimulates the synthesis of AQP8 in adipocytes by +50%.
  • Reduces size of adipocytes - stimulates lipolysis by +74% in adipocytes.
  • Helps Fibroblasts to effectively produce Collagen, Elastin, other proteins and Hyaluronic Acid - stimulates AQP8 synthesis in fibroblasts by +58%
  • Firming and strengthening the skin - stimulates the synthesis of collagen I : +24%, collagen IV : +28% and collagen VII : +51%

By stimulating the synthesis of AQP8 into adipocytes, we maintain mitochondrial balance and reactivate lipolysis by adipocytes. This action results in decreased size of adipocytes and avoids the reappearance of cellulite.

By stimulating AQP8 synthesis in fibroblasts, Actiporine 8G maintains mitochondrial balance and reactivates the synthesis of collagen I, IV and VII. Targeting cellular mechanisms to ensure a regenerative action with a fat-reducing, firming and smoothing effect.

The results speak for themselves!!!

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