SkinPRO - Christmas Promotions 2023 - OCT 2023

Christmas 2023 Promotions

While Christmas feels like months and months away, it’ll be here before we know it.

This year we’re excited to celebrate all things summer with a focus on trips away and time enjoying sunshine in the great outdoors.

Below is some indepth information on our Christmas packs. While pre-orders are now closed we are expecting the packs to be here by the beginning of November ready to go on your shelves.

Cosmetic Case comes with a Revitalising Cleanser, B-Hydrated, and Relief Creme.
Detachable and customisable cosmetic case made from recycled plastic - create the format to fit all your cosmetics.



Foldable Sunhat comes with a full sized ReShield SPF20.
Foldable Sunhat - easy to fold pop into a bag or handbag to always have sun protection on the go.


Sand-free Beach Towel comes with a full sized ReShield SPF20.
Sand-free Beach Towel - made with recycled plastic microfibre.


Individual Merchandise Available:

Cosmetic Case for:  W/S: $48.00 (RRP: $90)
Foldable Sunhat for:  W/S: $31.50 (RRP: $55)
Beach Towel for:  W/S: $20.00 (RRP: $40)

Arriving early November 2023.

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