SkinPRO - Mango & pineapple mojito - November 2023

While this might not be the most skin loving recipe, but we felt a vibrant and fruity cocktail is is perfect for weekend summer events. Here’s a classic cocktail with a summery twist - a little something to look forward too after a long week of treatments.


• 50g pineapple pieces
• 50g chopped mango
• 3 limes, chopped
• 2 tbsp light brown soft sugar
• 2 mint sprigs, leaves picked
• ice
• 150ml white rum
• 200ml pineapple rum
• 600ml sparkling water  


Tip the pineapple, mango, limes and sugar into a large jug and muddle together. Bruise and add the mint leaves, then top with ice. Stir in the white rum, pineapple rum and sparkling water.

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