First, a big thank you for involving me in your skincare trials. The Rejuvenate Creme has been a great success for me - I just love using it. I am always getting compliments on how good I look, my skin is the best it's ever been, people cannot believe I am 55 years old. The cream has helped my neck area as well, definitely has slowed the ageing process down. I am hooked. The cleanser is refreshing soft on the skin, makes your face feel very clean, love the smell. Can’t wait to see what is next, many thanks Marie.
- Kind regards Sharon White
I worked in pharmacy for 15 years and then in natural health for the last 16 years. In each job I used and sold pharmacy ranges and natural skincare products. Over the last 12 months I have had the pleasure of using the Rejuvenate Creme - it is by far the BEST cream I have ever used. Now in my 40's my skin had become dry. Using Juvenate I initially noticed my skin was feeling comfortable. Most importantly over time my skin hydrated, reducing lines dramatically. My face looks and feels more youthful. I had run out of product options and thought I would have dry older skin for life. Thank goodness I found Juvenate!
Janine, Clinical Neuro-Muscular Therapist
Hi Marie, I wanted to send you a text to let you know how thrilled I am with your Rejuvenate Creme, cleanser and activating tonic. Over the years I have tried many skin products that leave my sensitive skin feeling uncomfortable and blotchy. I really look forward to using your creams. They are so lovely on my skin. Finally I have found products that don't sting. I absolutely swear by your face cream. Before I used it my skin was loosing its glow and starting to look sallow. Now I’m even getting compliments as to how good my skin looks. I am a busy working mum in my early 40's and I feel incredibly proud of my youthful skin, which is all thanks to your face cream. Keep up the great work!
Relief Creme - A beauty & soothing cream in one! This wonderful cream was given to me as a trial to alleviate the nerve pain on my forehead, occipital area and face after a severe bout of shingles. Upon application it soothed the burning, itching and stinging of my skin. The consistency and absorption was perfect so I could also apply it at work whenever necessary without it being obvious. What a relief to finally find a natural, soothing product with the added bonus of fabulous skincare I could use day and night! A couple of months later people were complimenting me on how great my skin looked on that side!! Needless to say I now use it on both sides of my face and décolletage with fantastic results. Economical and perfect for travel too, being day and night cream in one.
- Douceline
I have been using the Rejuvenate Creme for a while now and more recently the cleanser as well. Wow how my skin misses it if I forget after 1 day! After being prone to really oily skin I found it hard to find skin care that woudn't make it worse. This has been a dream, I now have non-oily skin and it's a delight to use with all those wonderful smells! One very happy customer!
- Kellyann
Juvenate has made a real difference to my appearance - finally I have found the cream that energises and nourishes my skin, and I feel younger for it. I love the fragrance and texture, and it feels like a treat everyday!
- Robyn
Thanks heaps for sending me the Relief Crème. Within the first 2 days all the redness was taken out of the dermatitis, which was great! While the cream couldn’t completely treat the condition due to an allergy/stress, it works wonders for taking out the redness, irritation and inflammation! In addition to helping with redness the cream feels great on the skin.
- Thanks, Darryn