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Reactivating Complex 30mL

Reactivating Complex Serum- for all skin types

Anti-aging in a bottle. Regenerating, lifting, repairing and healing benefits. Using award-winning, clinically-proven actives and intelligent collagen boosting peptides to stimulate extra high quality collagen to help lift sagging skin, soften fine lines and improve the healing process. The perfect complement for skin treatments like micro needling and laser resurfacing.

Size 30ml

How To Use:
For best results, apply twice daily to cleansed face and neck. Continued use is recommended for long-term results.


  • Collagen Renewal Booster-stimulates uniform tissue regeneration, speeds healing/repair process, visibly smoothes the skin's surface, relaxes expression lines and helps to lift sagging skin
  • Increases skin density and thickness
  • Contour remodelling

Key Ingredients

  • Collagen Booster
  • Ceramindes
  • Copper Peptide GHK-CU
  • Muscle relaxant –plant-based