Juvenate Blurred Lines Facial

Juvenate Blurred Lines Facial

With increasing calls on time and energy in our busy lives, sometimes we look for multi-purpose solutions. Your Juvenate Regenerative Therapist may have just the solution you need. Research shows that the most common concerns associated with an ageing skin are discolouration, lines and wrinkles and lack of “fit and sit” or sagginess, primary concerns for a younger person include acne and scarring. When addressing these concerns, your Skin Therapist wants to not only alleviate symptoms but also address root causes, to assist with a younger acting, healthy functioning skin that can be relied on not to “break out” at the most inappropriate times (hello stress, we know what you do to the skin!) and present with an enviable glow! We are proud to introduce facial treatment that will blur the lines of unwanted lines/ acne lesions/ colour imperfections and so much more on your skin. 

What makes a Juvenate “Blurred Lines” Treatment so Special?

It contains Cosmedical grade and dose of Vitamins A,B,C for skin and so much more and furthermore, the infusion of all ingredients is enhanced with the application of a specifically designed massaging treatment head that encourages not only penetration of active ingredients but also increases microcirculation with amplifies nutritional uptake in skin and assists with removal of toxins

VITAMIN A: GRANACTIVE RETINOID™: Often referred to as "the cell normalising vitamin", Vitamin A has been claimed to visibly reverse the aging process. Granactive Retinoid offers a multi-factorial, superior effect against signs of aging than retinol, retinyl paImitate and nearly all other forms of non-prescription retinoid with the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis. Vitamin A is essential for the generation and function of healthy cells, used to smooth wrinkles, unclog pores, lighten superficial brown spots and improve the texture of the skin by effectively turning on and off key cellular functions, which can result in enhanced cell  health, balancing of oil flow and improved cellular turnover. Any time a skin needs balancing/normalising – your Skin Therapist will likely include Vitamin A in your treatment plan.

VITAMIN B3 - NIACINAMIDE A true workhorse for the skin. Precursor to NAD (energy currency of cell) perfect for sluggish skin.

  • Delays skin aging by restoring DNA damage and lowering oxidative stress 
  • Boosts collagen production, helps refine pore size, increases strength of your skin barrier
  • Pigment regulating. Lightens discolouration on skin, Protects from heat, Anti-inflammatory action
  • Regulates sebum production, Regulates C-Acnes bacteria, Balances biome
  • Based on cellular studies, B3 soothes irritated and inflamed skin by lowering inflammatory compounds and can inhibit the growth of fungi (Candida albicans, Trichophyton rubrum, and Trichophyton mentagrophytes) that contribute to skin yeast infections.
  • Increases skin immunity, minimising hypersensitivity and helping to normalise skin barrier.

VITAMIN C : Long recognised for its ability to protect against oxidative damage. It's known to have photo protective effects on the skin and has been shown to decrease sun induced redness as well as offer protection against excessive exposure to Blue Light. It is essential for the synthesis of collagen which in turn significantly improves skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity and decreases sallowness. It is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions. It significantly improves skin clarity making it useful in the treatment and maintenance of pigmentation disorders and general prevention of unwanted discoloration.

Our Vitamin C is from the Kakadu Plum, identified as the fruit with the world's highest vitamin C content, up to about 100 times more than an orange! It also contains large amounts of polyphenols (micronutrients) with antioxidant, anti­ inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. A significant benefit of using plant based Vitamin C is that it can be formulated with B3 and doesn’t affect conversion of niacinamide into nicotinamide, lessening the effect of the “niacin flush”

We use a Biomimetic Peptide to give instant relief of fine lines and wrinkles with added improvement over time. Blocks receptors on nerve endings that inhibit muscle contraction, therefore relaxing wrinkles and expression lines within 2 hours. By inhibiting nerve cells from communicating with each other, this is also a desirable ingredient for your skin if you experience chronically inflamed skin (acne, hyper sensitivity) / underlying redness or have a Rosacea prone skin

Our structural ingredient binds the various layers of the skin through its anchoring complex,  providing structural integrity and mechanical resistance to the skin. Appropriate for use on sun damaged skins exhibiting signs of laxity or sagging, nasolabial folds, forehead, jawline and neck.,

Our Ayurvedic plant extract possesses properties to fight the signs of fatigue and tiredness, promotes the release of relaxing neuropeptides (endorphins) in skin reducing redness and corrects dark circles under the eyes. Skin faces stresses every day and the release of the stress hormone cortisol by skin cells results in fatigue, tiredness and redness ( think exposure to pollution, smoke, lack of sleep, UV) – By regulating production of the stress hormone cortisol in skin cells, and stimulating production of the feel-good beta-endorphins, we can regulate the stress response by stimulating the expression of genes that act to counter the effects of skin stress, providing dramatic upregulation of production of two key stress proteins in skin, ideal for use in any hormonally disrupted skins, or skins that are subjected to environmental aggressors (including excess blue light exposure from computer screens and indoor lights)

Our Anti-ageing complex rejuvenates the skin, while plumping the volume and restoring firmness. It is a relatively new anti-aging ingredient but it has shown tremendous results specifically helping improve the appearance of slackened and thinning skin in the cheek and nasolabial areas of the face and is able to restore lost volume and plumpness in skin which has suffered from structural aging. The L-orithine in the Complex was extracted from vegetable starch and is believed to better target plumping cells than similar treatments. Perfect if you feel you are starting to lose volume, including flattening of contour of face and drooping of nasolabial folds

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is well-known for the benefits it provides in topical formulations, including moisturisation, delivery of water and actives to the skin, film formation and antioxidant effects. HA also is critical to the functional well-being of normal physiological processes of the skin; notably protection via said antioxidant effects, hydration, stabilisation of the tissue matrix structure and cellular repair. In Uplift Eye and lip serum, we use 4 different molecular weights of HA to ensure all layers of skin receive benefits

Your Skin Therapist knows hydration is important for all skins to:

  • Restore the essential water and oil content of skin
  • Support Microbiome
  • Modulate vital Enzyme Activity
  • Regulate pH
  • Optimise Cell Metabolism, ensuring a healthy skin that glows
  • Enhances Skin Immune function

With all these ingredients wrapped into one serum, your Skin Therapist can target root causes of all common concerns. The ways in which you experience the Juvenate “Blurred Lines” treatment will be entirely customised to you and your skin concerns. Some of the ways in which you may experience Blurred lines are:

  • Eye and lip area.  Your Skin Therapist may use small circular movements with a massaging treatment head from inner corner to temple. Concentrating on pressure points and smoothing movements.
  • Expression lines. “Elevenses” and Corrugators, Bunny whiskers, smile lines/Smokers lines, marionette lines may require kneading and smoothing movements alongside use of the massaging treatment head. Perfect if you would rather not have botox to address these lines, or if you want your botox to last longer.
  • Sagging areas. Nasolabial folds, jawline, above eyebrows, Turkey neck all require firm, upward movements, alternating cadence between slow and fast. Shaping movements with the massaging Treatment head
  • Tech Neck lines. Stimulating, upward directional movements.
  • Pigmented areas. Your Skin Therapist will incorporate lymph movement techniques with the massaging treatment head.
  • Acne Lesions will respond best to presspoint/ lymph movement techniques with the massaging treatment head.

With a multi-function treatment totally customised to your needs, you can step out looking and feeling your best and knowing that you are creating the healthiest, glowiest skin possible. Your Juvenate Regenerative Skin Therapist is the best person to advise you on how you can reinforce and intensify your results at home, giving you tips and tricks to use with your Uplift Eye and Lip Serum and complementary accessories such as Phytorenew Face and Neck Mask.

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