Contained in our Rejuvenate Crème and Renewal Day Crème

One of the first of it’s kind. At optimal strength this newly launched Self-Regenerative Stem Cell Technology stimulates stem cells and growth factor production, improves epidermis regeneration and thickness PLUS resurfaces skin and blurs vertical wrinkles.

The active formula showed an improvement of wrinkles and skin texture compared to placebo. This effect was significantly confirmed at 28 days with a result of -16% for the wrinkles and -9% for roughness of skin. A smoothing effect was observed and confirmed at 28 days with -19% reduction on the average skin roughness.

Rejuvenate Crème and Renewal Day Crème and Resurfacing Eye & Lip Serum

All contain optimal strengths of the patented formula Superox-CTM that contains Kakadu Plum. This superfruit has been identified as the fruit with the world’s highest vitamin C content, up to about 100 times more than an orange! This provides large amounts of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, vitamin E and A.

Day 15 and Day 30 show a significant reduction of skin roughness comparing placebo and Superox-CTM active product. Tests show an increase in the skin smoothness consequent to a skin roughness decrease.

The Superox-CTM active product results in a statistically significant improvement in gloss value, at each experimental monitored time (day 15 and day 30). The gloss value measures the specular component of the reflected light and correlates with the luminous perception of the skin.