Skincare and planning ahead for events

Preparing your skin before any special occasions, including but not limited to pre holiday prep or a wedding,  is crucial as it helps you achieve a radiant, healthy, and flawless complexion and increases confidence. But do remember, it's important to start prepping your skin well in advance of the specific day to allow time for any necessary treatments or adjustments to your skincare routine. A consultation with a Juvenate Regenerative Skin

Therapist is the perfect opportunity to discuss your goals, concerns, and the most appropriate facial treatments for your skin type and condition. This can help you avoid pointless, or worse, incorrect skin care choices, and ensures you receive personalised guidance based on your specific needs, concerns and skin type, taking into account timeframe, lifestyle and budget.

When planning your course of facial treatments, you may need to allow time for multiple sessions and importantly, ensure that your skin has time to adjust and reap the benefits and look its very best for the photos and videos that will form a large part of your memories to be treasured in the years to come.

In order to offer best results, your Juvenate Skin Therapist may recommend a Juvenate facial treatment membership, this would include personalised inclinic treatments and homecare products to achieve optimal results in the lead up to your special occasion. This can offer many benefits that contribute to achieving healthier, glowing skin. 

Some advantages of Juvenate facial treatment memberships are:

  • Consistency and Long-Term Results: Facial treatments are most effective when done regularly over a period of time. By opting for a prepaid membership, you commit to a series of treatments leading up to your special occasion. Consistency allows for longer-lasting results, as each treatment builds upon the previous one, improving the overall condition of your skin.
  • Adaptable programs for cumulative results. When you are visiting your Juvenate Skin Therapist for regular appointments, they can ensure your skin goals are on track. If, for example, stress rears its head and your skin throws a wobbly , your Skin Therapist can gently and efficiently guide you back on target for your goals
  • Customised Skincare Plan: Prepaid memberships will include personalised consultations with your Juvenate Regenerative Skin Therapist, who will assess your skin's needs and create a tailored plan of recommended specific treatments and products that address your concerns, helping you achieve optimal results for your skin type and condition.
  • Targeted Skincare Solutions: Facial treatments can target specific skincare concerns, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, scarring or uneven texture. Prepaid memberships provide an opportunity to address these concerns systematically through a series of treatments, giving your skin the attention it needs to improve and prepare for your special occasion.
  • Enhanced Skin Health: Regular facial treatments will improve the overall health of your skin by promoting circulation, boosting collagen production, and increasing cell turnover. This can result in a smoother, more hydrated, and radiant complexion, providing the perfect base for a long lasting makeup application.
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation: Planning a special occasion can be stressful, and prepaid facial treatments offer a chance to relax and rejuvenate. The tranquil environment, gentle touch, and soothing, effective cosmedical grade products used during the treatments can help reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being, leaving you refreshed and revitalised.
  • Cost Savings: Prepaid memberships often come with discounted rates or special offers compared to individual treatment prices. By purchasing a membership, you can potentially save money while still receiving high-quality skincare services.

How a pre wedding/special occasion skin plan may look:

Six months prior to occasion


Initial consultation to discuss skin concerns and goals and plan a suitable timeline.

Introduction to skin homecare:

A cleanser that not only cleanses, but respects the microbiome of the skin and protects against environmental and internal stress, our favourites are Juvenate Revitalising Cleanser (with colloidal silver, known as nature’s antiseptic) or Phytocleanser, a gentle rich foaming cleanser that offers protection from environmental aggressors, perfect if you spend a lot of time in an airconditioned office.

Skin support in the form of a hydrating serum such as Juvenate B-Hydrated, this serum contains four different molecular weights of a well-known hydrating ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid. What is not quite so well known is that your skin requires hydration throughout its layers, allowing all cells of your skin to function optimally and enhance results of everything else applied to your skin. Mass market Hyaluronic Serums with only one molecular weight will hydrate the surface of your skin and make it look and feel better but won’t offer the same regenerative benefits as this cosmedical grade serum, available only from your trained skin therapist.

A skin comforter such as Juvenate Relief Crème, jampacked with ancient wisdom to soothe, repair, normalise your skin while preparing for more intensively active cosmedical treatments and moisturisers



Facial treatment, with appropriate intensity – your Skin Therapist may recommend LED (AKA Light Therapy) a well studied and clinically verified treatment that enhances cellular metabolism, repairs and takes down signs of inflammation in the skin/body as an addition to this ttreatment.

*If you are concerned with crows feet or under eye bags, your Skin Therapist may recommend an eye treatment add on and/or an eye product to use at home.


Reassessment to ensure on target for skin goals, more intensive facial treatment – incorporating more potent ingredients such as lactic acid or retinol, as needed for your skin

At this stage, your Juvenate Regenerative Therapist may choose to introduce more targeted inclinic treatments such as Lactic Acid with more LED or an intensely hydrating masks. All the while with an eye on your end goal, taking into account your skin‘s response so far.

*At this stage, you may need to consider introducing a gentle exfoliant at home ( we are huge fans of the enzymatic exfoliation found in Alpha Resurfacer. Depending on your skin needs, your Skin Therapist will advise you on best use techniques and frequency


Facial Treatment – depending on goals /progress, this may be a specific massage facial incorporating Lymphatic drainage and sculpting moves, or it may be microneedling to address scarring concerns, also consider microneedling on your hands during this treatment, especially if your hands are going to be on display or photographed.

*Now that your skin has started to adjust to actives, your Skin Therapist may introduce you to serums or moisturisers with more potent actives that will give your skin a pep up.

Ingredients like GHK-cu ( a very specific peptide) are well studied for their regenerative effect on skin, kickstarting repair mechanisms and enhancing your skin’s own natural anti-inflammatory response. This magical ingredient is found in Juvenate Reactivating Complex


Facial treatment where your Skin Therapist may stack actives together to customise a cocktail of ingredients specific to your progress and goals or if appropriate, a Vitamin A rich inclinic treatment.


Time to glow! Your special occasion is imminent! For this months treatment, relaxing and de-stressing may be top of the agenda. Under your Skin Therapist’s guidance, you may sink into the deep relaxation of a treatment that eases all your tight spots, frees your mind and calms your nerves all whilst benefiting from beneficial actives being infused into your skin.

When you commit to a program like the above, keeping in mind that your treatment will be totally customised to you, your skin concerns and goals and will be fitted to your specific timeline. Everything (except the asterisked items) can be yours on a Juvenate Membership program for approx. $60 per week. Less than a cup of café coffee and a muffin per day – a small price to pay for the confidence and peace of mind generated. Plus, you would save over $300 (that lets you buy a new pair of shoes guilt free!)

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And then find your closest Juvenate Regenerative Skin Therapist <<HERE>> and put a plan in action to ensure your skin is radiant, you feel full of confidence and can face the crowds and the cameras knowing your outer beauty matches your inner beauty.

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