As we are a results driven salon constantly looking for products that give us more - Juvenate Skincare is amazing. Clients love it and so do we. The results that can be achieved with this small New Zealand owned medical grade skincare company are quite incredible. Great supplier who are so genuine and easy to deal with.
- Nikki, Nude Skin and Beauty.
We have had the privilege of being the stockist of Juvenate Skincare for the last 18months. This skincare goes above and beyond. The level of service and education that Juvenate skincare allows me and my therapists to provide to our South Canterbury clinic has taken us to the next level. Marie is a delight to deal with, she really cares for her stockists and that goes a long way with me. Constant training and visits to your clinic ensures you are getting the best! This industry is very lucky to have Marie and her amazing Juvenate range. She is pushing the boundaries and turning heads. So she should be, because the results that our clients get from Juvenate says it all!
- Charlotte, Blush Beauty Clinic.
This is definitely a day 1 product! Once you start with Juvenate Skincare, you'll wonder why you were using anything else in the first place. Absolute fave
- Julie, House of Beauty.
I have been using Juvenate in my Salon for about 9 months now.Every client I have introduced to Juvenate have loved it! The majority love how it feels on the skin. Their skin has been left feeling and looking fresh and dewy. Most of these clients have been concerned with aging and fine lines, Juvenate has produced the results it claims and the appearance of these have softened and reduced. Everyone loves the Revitalising Cleanser. Its easy to use and the beautiful aroma of lavender not only calms and refreshes the skin,it leaves the skin feeling very fresh and clean. The upLift Eye and Lip Serum can be used as a mini-lift..... fabulous as a quick pick me up for that special occasion or even going out for evening! A case study that stands out: I have a regular client who has a monthly facial. She has tried many products and uses them correctly and avidly. Her skin mostly always had breakouts and some pigmentation. Occasionally it was feeling lipid dry. Since using Juvenate her skin has not had one stubborn breakout. Her skin always looks fresh and bright. Her pigmentation has lightened also. She is delighted and so am I!!
- Mel, The Salon for Beauty Therapy.
In my late 30s, my skin went through some sort of midlife crisis, the dark circles got darker, sun spots appeared out of nowhere and all of a sudden I looked withered. I searched for the ultimate cure spending literally thousands on various ranges, clinics and treatments to reverse or repair the damage and feel fresh again. Most of the treatments had no significant effect but I held onto hope… Then I came across Juvenate and after some very short term use, i.e. less than 2 months, I started getting compliments on how great my skin looked from my husband, family and friends. The circles and spots became less apparent, and I started wearing less make up because I just didn't need to cover up the blemishes. I am so so grateful to Juvenate, it's a beautiful skin care range. I would (and do) recommend it to everyone - it really is a truly magnificent product.
- Jiggy, A raving fan!
Juvenate has been a great success for me - I just love using it. I am always getting compliments on how good I look, my skin is the best it's ever been, people cannot believe I am 55 years old. It makes my skin look and feel alive! I love the Reactivating Complex, it's really helped lift and tighten my face. The upLift Eye & Lip Serum, is a magic wand! The Rejuvenate Crème is essential to my routine, this is my saviour! - it has helped my neck area as well, definitely has slowed the ageing process down. The cleanser is super refreshing and soft on the skin, makes your face feel very clean, even gets make-up off. The whole range smells beautiful. Juvenate has been my skins big wake-up call! I am hooked!
- Kind regards, Sharon White
I worked in pharmacy for 15 years and then in natural health for the last 16 years. In each job I used and sold pharmacy ranges and natural skincare products. Over the last 12 months I have had the pleasure of using the Rejuvenate Creme - it is by far the BEST cream I have ever used. Now in my 40's my skin had become dry. Using Juvenate I initially noticed my skin was feeling comfortable. Most importantly over time my skin hydrated, reducing lines dramatically. My face looks and feels more youthful. I had run out of product options and thought I would have dry older skin for life. Thank goodness I found Juvenate!
Janine, Clinical Neuro-Muscular Therapist
I wanted let you know how thrilled I am with your Rejuvenate Creme, Revitalising Cleanser and Reactivating Complex. Over the years I have tried many skin products that leave my sensitive skin feeling uncomfortable and blotchy. I really look forward to using your creams. They are so lovely on my skin. Finally I have found products that don't sting. I absolutely swear by your face cream. Before I used it my skin was loosing its glow and starting to look sallow. Now I’m even getting compliments as to how good my skin looks. I am a busy working mum in my early 40's and I feel incredibly proud of my youthful skin, which is all thanks to your face cream. Keep up the great work!
Relief Creme - A beauty & soothing cream in one! This wonderful cream was given to me as a trial to alleviate the nerve pain on my forehead, occipital area and face after a severe bout of shingles. Upon application it soothed the burning, itching and stinging of my skin. The consistency and absorption was perfect so I could also apply it at work whenever necessary without it being obvious. What a relief to finally find a natural, soothing product with the added bonus of fabulous skincare I could use day and night! A couple of months later people were complimenting me on how great my skin looked on that side!! Needless to say I now use it on both sides of my face and décolletage with fantastic results. Economical and perfect for travel too, being day and night cream in one.
- Douceline
I have been using the Rejuvenate Creme for a while now and more recently the cleanser as well. Wow how my skin misses it if I forget after 1 day! After being prone to really oily skin I found it hard to find skin care that woudn't make it worse. This has been a dream, I now have non-oily skin and it's a delight to use with all those wonderful smells! One very happy customer!
- Kellyann
Juvenate has made a real difference to my appearance - finally I have found the cream that energises and nourishes my skin, and I feel younger for it. I love the fragrance and texture, and it feels like a treat everyday!
- Robyn
Thanks heaps for sending me the Relief Crème. Within the first 2 days all the redness was taken out of the dermatitis, which was great! While the cream couldn’t completely treat the condition due to an allergy/stress, it works wonders for taking out the redness, irritation and inflammation! In addition to helping with redness the cream feels great on the skin.
- Thanks, Darryn