Autumn Skincare

The best Summer Skin is made in The Autumn and Winter

As the halcyon days of summer wane away and the crisp, cooler air of Autumn arrives, your skin may look a bit drab, feel a little dry in areas and you may see irregularities in colour that you hadn’t noticed before. Too much sun, loss of moisture and even clogged pores can leave your skin desperately in need of some professional TLC

The best way to remember to schedule an Autumn facial is to imagine the dry, falling leaves that drift to the ground in the autumn. Remember how they crunch when you jump in them or walk through them? Your skin may start to feel as dry as those dead, lifeless leaves. The changing colours of the leaves are your reminder from nature that it is time to regenerate, repair, de-stress and restore your skin. 

Facial treatments offer many benefits that will brighten your skin, help you feel invigorated and give your skin a beautiful glow again. In fact, some intense inclinic treatments are preferentially performed when there is less chance of excessive incidental UV exposure.

An inclinic treatment will begin with a thorough consultation, identifying your skin needs and wants, building a program that will address these concerns and accelerate your journey to the best skin possible. The Regenerative Skincare Therapist will choose the best products for you based on your skin concerns, creating a balance that helps restore health to your skin.

Your Juvenate treatment will begin with a cleanser appropriate to your skin type, using a cleanser such as Revitalising Cleanser, which from very first touch gently cleanses and floods your skin with anti-inflammatory actives, followed by a tailored exfoliation with Alpha Resurfacer, which can be applied in different ways depending on your skin needs – enzymes for a gentle buff or mandelic acid with antibacterial, lightening and brightening activity – or a blend if that is what you need. It is estimated that skin cells turn over every 28 days, so as you move from one season to the next, it is especially important to remove redundant skin cells and reveal new, fresh skin.

The exfoliation part of the treatment is typically followed by a massage with a specifically tailored medium that is good for the skin combined with a serum such as reactivating complex which includes actives such as copper peptide which quells inflammation and resets your own genes to fully support skin health, while also relaxing the body and mind. The massage will help restore circulation to your face, Juvenate Regenerative therapists may also offer the specialised “ReShape” massage, which includes lymphatic drainage, sculpting andintraoral/buccal massage and delivers spectacular results in lifting and reshaping the face while also detoxing and healing. Plus, it just feels glorious and eases away the stresses of end-of summer busyness. The final part of the facial will be a divine mask which cools, soothes and delivers even more goodness to the skin, the relaxation ensures your total restoration of skin, body and soul.

Because the best facials are customised to the client, each person’s facial experience is likely to be just a bit different.

Autumn and winter is also the time to consider programs of peeling, IPL and other advanced treatments. During the Autumn/Winter months, we are subjected to drastic switches in temperature. The cold breezes and heated homes create a difficult environment for the skin, leading to dryness, dehydration and a buildup of redundant cells. The result? Lifeless, lacklustre skin.

The ideal time to book a Chemical Peel is Autumn and Winter, during these months, UV radiation is lower and our skin is much less likely to be damaged by the sun. Chemical Peels cause controlled microtrauma to the epidermis by removing the damaged cells in the outermost layers of the skin. The freshly exposed new skin cells are vulnerable to the sun’s powerful rays and avoiding UV exposure following treatment is a must. Chemical Peels revitalise the complexion, restoring its dewy glow and, with a range of superficial and medium options available, we have some great options for even the savviest of skincare-buffs. Your Juvenate Regenerative therapist may choose from pure, potent lactic acid, formulated with healing kawakawa or a Retinol based peel for addressing devitalised skins, or possibly, later in your skin journey, a combination of both in a “Power Peel” For optimal results, autumn/winter can be the best time for a Chemical Peel, making now the perfect moment to schedule an appointment.

If you are considering microneedling or radiofrequency/IPL treaments, autumn and winter is also the perfect time to begin your skin journey with these advanced modalities, when sun exposure is minimal. Skin may be extra sensitive to the sun in the weeks following Radiofrequency and microneedling, so avoiding sun at all costs is imperative, and this is so much easier in the cooler months. The cold weather months are also when skin tends to slow in metabolism, so microneedling and other intense treatments can recalibrate your skins rhythms and produce even more drastic and visible results.

To support your inclinic journey, your Skincare Therapist may also suggest a change up in your homecare routine, with a firm cold weather favourite being the ReDesign crème, rich in soothing, repairing fatty acids such as Omega 3,6,7 and 9. The omega 3 & 6 are termed essential fatty acids (EFAs) as the body can’t manufacture them and depends on supplementation (either internal or topical, or ideally a combination of both) The magic of Omegas is, even though they are “oils” they have a balancing effect on your own naturally produced oils – making them the perfect ingredient for dry, sensitised skins (upregulates oil production) through to oily acenic skins (downregulates oil production) and everything inbetween

By adding back the perfect balance of nutrients for your skin type, your Regenerative Skin Therapist can take you from end of summer drab to fall fresh fab . It could well be the best hour or so that you spend this autumn on your beauty routine.


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