Juvenate is a boutique New Zealand skincare company with a conscience, founded on a philosophy of product integrity, innovation and natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Perfecting our products has taken over five years of extensive research and considered development, working alongside international doctors, lab specialists, skin experts, and beauty therapists.

We’ve searched the world for award-winning, cosmedical-grade ingredients, and utilised the very best that nature has to offer. Our formulations have been rigorously tested and then developed right here in New Zealand into affordable, highly effective, breakthrough formulations, and we’re proud to deliver an advanced and clinically-proven range of anti-aging products.

As a boutique skincare company, we’re in the enviable position of being agile and able to make the most of new international trends, actives and technologies. So our products incorporate groundbreaking ingredients at optimum potency, including:

  self-regenerative plant stem cells

  cellular preservation & renewal biomimetic peptides

  sophisticated vitamins & minerals

  enhanced botanical actives

All clinically-proven to deliver effective results.

Juvenate incorporates enhanced delivery systems that ensures these high-end active ingredients penetrate below the oily layers of the skin to where they’ll have most effect, and provide fast and lasting results.

Our goal? That’s a professional, clinic-only skincare range that delivers your clients exactly what they’re seeking: optimum skin health and visible anti-aging benefits.