There are amazing bioactives available out there, but many of the clinic products are older formulations. Skincare was like making a car take you from A to B, but we wanted the latest car, with all the technologies. We wanted to be the Tesla of skincare. And so the fun began!We are obsessed with getting maximum effectiveness out of each product, so you need fewer products to get the same result. “Simple regime, maximum effectiveness” is the mantra. Every product works hard and supports each other to do a better job. Less products, more impact.

And then we have the unwavering commitment to packing a power punch behind natural ingredients. What other natural brands have as their main product, are just our bases. We add bio-actives that enhance nature’s gift with science, so we can see people enjoying their skin in the healthiest way possible.

Juvenate’s Founder Marie’s skin took a significant turn after the birth of her second baby. She felt as though she could see herself aging by the minute and felt desperate to get the skin she once loved back again. After trying skincare ranges from various clinics and spending thousands of dollars in the process, Marie took it into her own hands and put her training as a Dispensary Technician into action. Working alongside chemists, doctors, lab specialists, skin experts and beauty therapists from around the world, Marie created a New Zealand-made, results-driven anti-aging skincare range.


Dedicated to using only those ingredients that are holistically beneficial for your skin AND produced in a responsible way. Juvenate's high performing products contain NO harsh or even questionable chemicals and are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Sustainably and Ethically produced. Our goal? That's a professional, clinic-only skincare range that delivers your clients exactly what they're seeking: real changes creating visible improvements for healthier skin and reducing the signs of aging.


Meet Marie

Juvenate’s founder, Marie August, lives in Wellington’s, Hutt Valley. She has a passion for natural and innovative ingredients, business enterprise, and the beauty industry. The Juvenate story began after the birth of Marie’s second child, when, thanks to the challenges of motherhood (read: no sleep!), Marie noticed her skin had become dull and dry, and she had more fine lines and wrinkles. Despite trying nearly every clinic-only skincare range she could find, Marie’s attempts to slow the clock and lessen the tell-tale signs of parenthood were futile - nothing seemed to work, and none of the products delivered on their promises.

Thousands of dollars later, Marie was still unhappy with her skin’s appearance, and frustrated by ineffective products - but she was also now aware of a large gap in the skincare industry. This sparked a flame in Marie, and set her on a five-year mission of sourcing outstanding new generation actives with extensive research and development, working alongside chemists, doctors, lab specialists, skin experts and beauty therapists from around the world to create a New Zealand-made, results-driven anti-aging skincare range.



Meet Liam

Juvenate’s Head of Sales, Liam Reid lives in the heart of Wellington’s CBD. Having worked within the beauty industry for four years and having been a business coach prior to that, Liam is a huge asset to our family of Juvenate clinics. With business growth and support being his main focus, Liam goes above and beyond to make sure that every need of your business is looked after.

Liam’s background comes from a very clinical side of beauty, having worked with the founder of crystal microdermabrasion in the UK, his knowledge is focused around changing and enhancing the skin. Juvenate has inspired Liam to keep working within his home country due to the amazing cosmedical advancements that Juvenate has brought to Aotearoa.