A boutique skincare company with a conscience, Juvenate is founded on a philosophy of product integrity, innovative technology and chirally correct natural ingredients - it's nature optimised with science in its purest form.

The Juvenate range includes advanced self-regenerative plant stem cells, neuro-peptides, innovative vitamins and minerals and botanical actives - all clinically proven to deliver effective results.

Dedicated to using only those ingredients that are holistically beneficial for your skin and produced in a responsible way.  Juvenate's high performing products contain NO harsh or even questionable chemicals and are Vegan, Cruely-free and Sustainably and Ethically produced.

Our goal? That's a professional, clinic-only skincare range that delivers your clients exactly what they're seeking:  optimum skin health and visible anti-aging benefits.

Meet Marie

Juvenate’s founder, Marie August, lives in Wellington’s, Hutt Valley. She has a passion for natural and innovative ingredients, business enterprise, and the beauty industry. The Juvenate story began after the birth of Marie’s second child, when, thanks to the challenges of motherhood (read: no sleep!), Marie noticed her skin had become dull and dry, and she had more fine lines and wrinkles. Despite trying nearly every skincare range she could find, Marie’s attempts to slow the clock and lessen the tell-tale signs of parenthood were futile - nothing seemed to work, and none of the products delivered on their promises.

Thousands of dollars later, Marie was still unhappy with her skin’s appearance, and frustrated by ineffective products - but she was also now aware of a large gap in the skincare industry. This sparked a flame in Marie, and set her on a five-year mission of research and development, working alongside chemists, doctors, lab specialists, skin experts and beauty therapists from around the world to create a New Zealand-made, targeted anti-aging skincare range.

Marie is proud to put her name behind a unique product range that’s full of natural goodness, ethically produced, and delivers real results.

Innovative formulations to target the signs of aging

Our formulations are complex and effective, incorporating eight and ten high-end, active ingredients at optimal strengths, and backed by international scientific research.

The results speak for themselves, too, with clinical trials showing both immediate and long-term visible results, including a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and dark under-eye circles, improved skin firmness and hydration, and smoother skin texture.

Created with a Conscience

You won’t find any questionable chemicals here - no parabens, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, mineral oil, SLS/SLES, petroleum, silicone, synthetic dyes or fragrances hiding in our products. We’re dedicated to using only those ingredients that are good for your skin, and produced in a responsible way – that means natural ingredients which are vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably and ethically produced.

Smaller is better

As a boutique skincare manufacturer, we’re able to produce smaller batches and keep in constant contact with our products. That means we can quickly adapt our formulations to keep abreast of changing trends, innovative technology and ingredients. It also means we’re in a position to individually and directly source the very best ingredients from around the world. It’s a lot more work, but it’s fun - and it’s worth it!