A boutique skincare company with a conscience, Juvenate is founded on a philosophy of product integrity, innovative technology and chirally correct natural ingredients - it's nature optimised with science in its purest form.

The Juvenate range includes advanced self-regenerative plant stem cells, neuro-peptides, innovative vitamins and minerals and botanical actives - all clinically proven to deliver effective results.

Dedicated to using only those ingredients that are holistically beneficial for your skin and produced in a responsible way.  Juvenate's high performing products contain NO harsh or even questionable chemicals and are Vegan, Cruely-free and Sustainably and Ethically produced.

Our goal? That's a professional, clinic-only skincare range that delivers your clients exactly what they're seeking:  optimum skin health and visible anti-aging benefits.



Marie left her corporate career in 2014, to pursue her passion in developing her own high performing skincare range.  She started out two years prior with the aim of treating her own personal skin care concerns, having tried and tested so many skincare brands with no joy.  It became apparent there were gaps in the conventional skincare industry where 'real' and 'truly effective' anti-aging products didn't exist.  With a strong desire to overcome the many signs of ageing, Marie was determined to find effective ingredients drawing upon the latest scientific research and combining them with the best functional natural skincare ingredients.

Creating 'real' products that work has been Marie's focus. She has been meticulous and relentless at finding the best possible safe ingredients. This persistence has led her to finding the latest cutting-edge formulations that many skincare companies have not yet explored.

We've worked closely with international doctors, skin experts, lab specialists and beauty therapists in developing Juvenate's products, and we're proud to deliver an advanced and clinically-proven range of anti-aging formulations.